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Inspect What You Expect

It goes without saying, that...

Your home is your statement to the world that you were here. The quality you build into it depends on the expectation you set and the confirmation of the work of those that did the work.

It only makes sense that you will be in control when it is built. 

At the end of the day, all promises come down to whether you confirmed your expectations of those you trusted to build your home. With The Builder’s Checklist, you will have control like you never thought possible as you navigate the process of building and examining the quality of your new home.

A single overlooked jobsite error can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars to remedy – not to mention the undue delays and finger-pointing that it will take to make things right.

Translate into Spanish or many other languages on the fly.
Thanks to Google Translate, you’ll be able to provide your documentation to your trades, vendors, and suppliers in whatever language they call their own. How cool is that!

Don’t wait another minute. The cost of quality cannot be measured against the price of The Builder’s  Checklist. At the end of the day, all you really want to know is that your home was built to the high standard that you expected when you began the journey to build it in the first place.

Course - Handbook - Checklist

The Builder's Checklist is three things: As a course, you'll learn about the stages of construction as well as what will need to be checked and why. As a Handbook, you'll have it available for reference as you discuss the next steps and stages of your home. As a checklist, you'll be able to use it on-site as you hire and then meet with your trades, vendors, and suppliers to ensure that they know your expectation for quality, fit, and finish. We have several "preview" lesions that demonstrate the power information can provide. Take The Builder's Checklist for a test drive today.