Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in The Builder’s Checklist. Your decision to purchase a copy of The Builder’s Checklist can be a great help to you as you consider building a construction project. However, it is not an insurance policy and no guarantees are made, expressed, or implied as to the outcome that you will achieve with it. Your level of success will be determined by you as you navigate the sometimes rough and rocky terrain that is the home building process. For this reason, you must agree to the following prior to your purchase. If you do not agree, do not proceed with the purchase and use of The Builder’s Checklist.

By purchasing and using The Builder’s Checklist, you acknowledge the following:

The Builder’s Checklist is a resource. It is not a replacement for regular construction inspections. It is an organized series of checklists that you can use as a guide when checking the work of trades, vendors, and suppliers on your jobsite. The checklists include information regarding the individual phases of “typical” construction practice. There are in no way the sole, definitive resource that you should rely on for all of your construction-related knowledge.

Construction methods and manners vary greatly from region to region. For this reason, you must review the information presented in The Builder’s Checklist and fully understand the construction manners and methods commonly used in your particular region before using The Builder’s Checklist  or any information contained in it on your home or construction project.

You agree to be fully responsible for your use of the information contained in The Builder’s Checklist as well as for any outcome whether positive, neutral, or negative that may arise from its use.

You agree that The Builder’s Checklist is NOT a substitute for the advise, direction, and instruction that you may receive from your building Architect, building Designer, Structural Engineer, Building Inspectors or other professionals with in-depth knowledge of your project or projects. You further agree to be responsible for implementing all codes and other elements that will impact it. This includes, but not limited to the anticipated or real outcome of your project, your construction or personal budget, your construction schedule, your construction or personal finances, and your ability to manage your job, jobsite, construction project, or home. You agree that ultimately, you are the one that will be responsible for all building-related decisions that are made on the job, jobsite, construction project, or home or any other project that you use The Builder’s Checklist with as well as for all outcomes related to any element of your use of The Builders Checklist or any other information received from Daniel McJunkin.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Daniel McJunkin, as well as his heirs, successors, and assigns, regarding all aspects and elements of your use of The Builder’s Checklist or information you otherwise receive from Daniel McJunkin, regardless of the format or form in which you received it.

You agree that The Builder’s Checklist is the copyrighted property of Daniel McJunkin. Upon purchase, you are granted a license to use it personally on any construction project that you are personally involved in. You may make copies of individual checklists for distribution to your staff, trades, vendors, and suppliers, as you review their individual work on jobs, jobsites, homes, and construction projects that you are personally involved in. However, you agree not to share the information contained within it, whether in whole or in part outside of what is necessary to personally build your own construction projects.

You agree not to share, re-publish or re-distribute any element or The Builder’s Checklist in any way or in any form or format without the expressed, written permission of the author, Daniel McJunkin.

It is understood that this Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions can and may change from time to time in order to ensure the clarity and legality of the elements contained within it.

Any dispute arising out of your use of The Builder’s Checklist and related products will be subject to and adjudicated in Fort Bend County, Texas and will be subject to the Laws of the State of Texas.

If any element of this Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions are found to be legally un-enforceable, it is anticipated, expected, and understood that all other elements will remain legally enforceable for the purposes of resolving any and all disputes arising from your use of The Builder’s Checklist.